Title : Cathy At Home

When lazy Cathy abuses the trust & the good nature of others by treating their homes like a pig sty, never helping out with the chores & having a slovenly & disrespectful attitude, it's not long before angry beady eyes turn to her full teen bottom to seek retribution!

Cathy has a marvelous wobblesome pair of cheeks, a crying shame to hide such womanly attributes under her skirt so it is with some relief and joy that we see them in all their exposed glory!

A Fantastic film featuring their thrashed crimson magnificence as poor ignorant Cathy soon learns she can't get away with being a lazy lump around the house anymore!

This movie is filmed on HD cams and lovers of a teen's rather large plentiful bottom getting soundly thrashed will be impressed!

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Title : Thieving Maid

Times are hard and this "Live in" Maid decides to see if she can pilfer anything of value whilst the owners out out! However, she doesn't bargain on the husband getting back early and he catches her rand handed going through his wife's vanity drawers.

Unfortunately for this thief, he is of the "Old Skool" mentality, believing the wayward youth of today need a short sharp shock & gives her the choiice of dismissal from such a laid back job or take his nasty old fashioned method of punishment!

Watch this gorgeous brat given ahard spanking over her pantyhose then see then pulled down to reveal her magnificent bottom in all its glory!

This movie is out now to download and also exclusively filmed for crystal clear HD playback!

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Title : Jasmine's Audition

See this very rude and shameful 1st Audition of pretty blonde Jasmine as she takes part in her very first online spanking movie!

See how she willingly steps into a schoolgirl's uniform looking incredibly sexy & takes a sustained OTK spanking across her beautiful pert cheeks.

What Jasmine doesn't know is that she is raising the temperature of her Spanker as he lingers ever more around her swollen red cheeks & private parts, spurred on by her wet pussy which was giving away her excitement at being spanked hard!

A highly recommended movie for lovers of Jasmine's work: WARNING - Contains explicit scenes & good old fashioned hard OTK Spanking! This movie is also available in HI DEF for amazing crystal clear playback!

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Title : Landlord from Hell

Cathy and Helen work for a cheapskate landlord of a run down guesthouse. He hardly pays them anything to clean the rooms but allows them the chance to still claim welfare illegally. They also think he's a bit of an old perv but are not too sure how perverted, yet!

He catches them slacking and issues an ultimatum, allow him to spank their pert teen bottoms or he'll fire them and tell his mate at the Social Security what they've done "behind his back".

Complaining and unwilling, both girls take turns to go over this lecherous old man's knee for a bare bottom spanking as he delights in feeling their buttocks warm and redden under his strokes! Classic older guy and lady that should know better discipline!

See this movie out now to download and filmed on HD cams with new girls Cathy & Helen exclusive for members.

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Title: Expensive Discipline

Robin's Boss summons her for a review meeting after discovering that the very expensive items that had to be safely wrapped and delivered were left around like worthless trash! This just will not do and Robin is first verbally humiliated then told she's gonna get thrashed!

CEO Jessica is obviously very angry but also secretly thrilled that she has an excuse to get her hands on Robin's very alluring pert bare teen bottom! She tells her it's the only way that Robin will ever learn by receiving a spanking and then a strapping across her exposed cheeks! See the delight of Jessica as she punishes her poor foolish employee.

Enjoy watching a girl's fantastic pert buttocks getting the thrashing they deserve until they are red with shame. The lastest movie update exclusive to members and is also available to view in pure true HD wmv High Definition!

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Title: Thrashed Perverts

Kirsten is enjoying herself with her two naked slaves until the noise they make disturbs her big jealous Sugar Daddy. He's turned a blind eye to her filthy girl lust until now but decides to take advantage of this when he sees the wonderful sight of bare bottoms splayed out on the bed with his darling Kirsten getting off in her own twisted pleasure punishing the girls!

He can hardly contain himself at the sight and sounds in front of him! His own desire takes hold and he forces himself onto the submissive girls then spanks and paddles the girls laid out on the bed!

Enjoy this Very Naughty and Digitally Remastered movie never released in Full until now - another excuse to view a delicious multi girl bottoms spanking and thrashing of pert buttocks!

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Title: Spanking Desire

American girls know a thing or 2 about their own kind of Bare Bottom Discipline and how to correct bad behaviour! This is a hard long play All Girl bare bottom Spanking & Paddling movie download.

This movie is over an hour long and details the slow delicious punishment of 2 submissives. See how the Mistress of the house corrects these brats under her charge and turns their bottoms cherry red!

No part of their anatomy is spared as nipples are squeezed, bottoms and minnies thrashed with crops, hands and leather paddles with the girls being caged and punished one by one.

If you enjoy pretty American girls being disciplined on the bare bottom then you will love this full length movie feature.

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Title: Alexandria's Wish

Filmed on HD Cams for clearer playback Alexandria and Paige discuss their day at the Spanking Film Shoot and the petite blonde Russian admits that she'd love to spank a girl! She's never done it and has always wanted to feel another female's firm bare buns spanked.

Paige is secretly thrilled as she loves the touch of a woman across her gorgeous pert cheeks!

So see Alexandria's wish come true as Paige slowly unzips her jeans and then allows her to caress and spank her as she wants!

Enjoy the sight of 2 very lovely girls getting off on this spanking for the cameras! Afterwards we couldn't resist the chance to let them talk about it and show us their lovely bare buttocks one last time!

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Title : Biblical Thrashings

Heather Stanton is back and fortunately for us, her total lack of respect for the old Bible loaned to the Film Studio she is working for enrages her boss Miss Smith.

She decides that this foolish girl needs a proper hard dose of humiliation there & then with an embarrassing punishment in front of her colleagues thrashed on and around the bible she so defiled!

Heather admitted that this no nonsense discipline movie was one of her most humiliating as you will see for your selves!

Heather's many fans will not be disappointed seeing her thrashed naked waist down. Out Now for full download filmed on HD cams for clearer wmv playback!

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