Title : Fucking Is Forbidden

It was a time for a "friendly chat" with Paige about her recent disgraceful behaviour that had come to light in regards to boys & what Paige had been caught doing with them!

Full of arrogance about what she could & could not do Paige had no intention of following the clear strict house rules when it came to do with the other sex! Arrogant that is until she was informed that because of her disgusting & utterly irresponsible behaviour she was going to be given a sound thrashing across her fully bared bottom!

Bending over the bed Paige had to endure the embarrassment of having her tight white cotton panties pulled down. Then when her bottom was fully exposed she first spanked & then given a hard dose of the strap across her already throbbing cheeks!

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Title : Two Teens In Trouble

Helen & Paige were always aware they lived under strict rules. As of late though those rules had not really been enforced. Foolishly they took this as a sign that they could do & act as they please & get away with almost anything they wanted .. including what went on at school homework etc.

Finally Mr & Mrs Wood after reading the school report decided things had gone to far & something needed to be done quickly to pull both girls back into line. After a private discussion it was decided they would give them both a very long over due thrashing on the bare bottom.

The girls did not believe they would be spanked until they were told in a firm voice to remove underwear & prepare themselves for a severe thrashing. In turn each girl was hauled over the knee & their bare bottoms punished. Superb new Domestic Discipline movie out now for download from our member area!

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Title : The Speeding Ticket

Jasmine & Catherine were in a hurry to get home and decided to push the pedal on the motor. This though was spotted by Fred Wilson the over zealous Traffic Warden. Noting the number plate he arrived at the girls house a short while later to issue the ticket.

Both girls knew that 1 more ticket could mean they loose their drivers licence & so did mean old Mr Wilson. Being old school he gave them another option! Take down your pants and submit your bottom for a long hard good old fashion dose of correct!

Given no choice as they could not afford to loose their drivers licence they reluctantly submitted to the hard bare bottom Spanking that was soon meted out by Fred. In turn each girl had to endure the shame of baring the bottom & submitting to his disgustful ways! This new domestic discipline video out now for SpankingDigital Members!

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Title : Back Packers Bottoms

2 Students are taking a back packing holiday through the English Country side. They decide to stop at a local hotel to rest shower and relax for a day or 2. The only problem is they are very short on funds but badly need a room!

The Landlord spots the problem straight away and unfortunately for the girls he is as wicked as it gets. Totally without mercy for the girls situation the lecherous landlord gives them a choice They can sleep for free but he has to be allowed to punish both students on their bare bottoms!

Both girls are horrified at this but if they want the room they have no choice but to give in to his awful demands. Soon the evil landlord gets to work baring the girls cheeks and thrashing them hard on the fully bared backside! Each girls buttocks are turned angry red as the landlord gets his way!

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Title : Slipper For Angelina

Angela has recently discovered the pure pleasure of masturbation. Every time that she was alone she would almost always end up playing with her Vagina. Saturday afternoon she thought she was alone in the house when the strong urge came over her to pleasure herself.

So caught up in her filthy act she did not here to door slam & the next moment was confronted by Miss Baxter who was horrified at what she saw! Angela with legs apart & hand pushed deep inside her wet throbbing private parts.

Without warning Miss Baxter pulled Angelina up & pushed her over the knee then she give her a hard hard spanking on her trembling buttocks. Then much to the brats horror Baxter told her she was going to be thrashed with the slipper on her already throbbing red bare bottom! This domestic F/F video is out now for full download exclusive to members.

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Title : Russian Girl Disciplined

Exchange Student Ivana had only been in England for a short time and was not used to the way things were done. Especially when living in Miss Baxters house. Baxter was a stickler for rules & did not tolerate any kind of back chat or inappropriate behaviour .. period!

Ivana had been warned more than three times about her answering back and finally Miss Baxter decided enough was enough and she was going to teach the young minx a lesson! A Quick call to her folks in Russia was all that was needed!

Ivan suddenly found herself having to strip down to knickers & bra. Then the pants were pulled down and Baxter got to work on her Chubby Russian backside! A Very firm hand spanking was followed by a thorough thrashing with Baxters leather paddle! Real cry's of pain and a very sore red & swollen bare bottom were the end result!

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Title : Caravan Of Love

Ok we have to admit that a caravan is not the normal setting for a spanking movie & the title of this production might have a few of you confused but read below to find more about this video

A number of men often use online dating sites to find a wife or a partner. Joe did this and eventually found his dream girl who he flew over to live with him from South America. Only problem is he lied about the size of his "mansion" which was in fact a grubby old caravan!

When she arrived she was horrified & even more shocked to find his caravan packed with canes & paddles. A torrid love affaire ensued and he was desperate to thrash her superb Latino buttocks. Which in the end he did. Spanked strapped & caned! Unusual funny but yes with lots of spanking in this new Domestic discipline movie!

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Title : Spank Interviews 2

This title is the second volume in our very popular Spanking Interview series. With these movies you get to hear first hand from the models exactly what goes on in a spanking video shoot!

Hear what the girls think to having their bottoms spanked strapped and caned. How did they get into this business ? Do they enjoy spanking in their own life ?

Many questions and of course a very close up of each girls bottom and what it looks like after a long day spent in front of the video camera, bending over for a thrashing! Some of the comments will surprise you, some shock but if you wanted a ring side view of a Spanking video & photo shoot then you will enjoy this new movie download! Out now for download from the SpankingDigital members area!

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Title : Cathy's Bathtime

A bath time for any teenage girl should be a private relaxing moment. However for Cathy the phrase "relaxing" took on a whole new deviant meaning. She decided as the house was empty she would spend half an hour pleasuring herself thinking she would not be caught with her Husband at work!

However her security guard husband had finished his shift early. Already bitter that he never made it to be a policeman and had to settle for being a lowly security guard he was livid when he walked into the bathroom and saw Cathy with her fingers deep inside her wet gaping cunt.

He decided a damn good thrashing was in order and wasted no time in getting to grips with her big very wet bare bottom! Dragged out of the bath she was given a thrashing she wont forget in a hurry and she wont be putting fingers where they shouldn't be!

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Title : Spanking Interviews

This is a very interesting movie with a difference as 2 subs & 2 doms discuss their day at a film shoot sat on the sofa.

See differing stories from the girls and the Doms who have been into their fetish for some considerable time!

It's all smiles for the girls as they think their bottoms can now begin to heal but this interview just needs one more little demonstration of how their lush bare bottoms have been dealt with!

Louise and Angelina bare their arses for us once again and we get to see both Doms have one final OTK session which of course we get to film!

An enjoyable film that reveals a little of what goes on at a real spanking shoot!

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Title : Biscuit Thief

Louise is nervously waiting in the office of the dreaded Scottish Governess who she has heard enjoys humiliating silly girls when they are caught red handed doing something wrong!

Louise doesn't have to wait too long to discover her worst fears over what she thought was a minor indiscretion (by taking some cookies) will lead to a bare bottom spanking!

The last time she was spanked, it made her sob out loud and the thought of Miss seeing her teen globes wobbling in shame is one embarrassment too much for Louise!

See this nervous girl spanked & her Mistress enjoying every second handing out this unfair punishment! Now filmed on HD cams for clearer viewing!

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